Basavaraj Katti
Program Officer, Advocacy and Social Mobilisation
Basavaraj Katti, always had it in him to be of service to the community. And thus after completing his BA in Economics from Goa University he opted to follow his calling in social work in 2006. He began his career working for people with HIV/AIDS, shifting into the mental health space. Armed with a decade’s experience in various aspects of space of mental health such as schizophrenia, depression, alcohol disorder, he has addressed several common mental health problems in young people. His zeal for helping and working with young and adolescent has propelled him to work with Human Touch, to give voice to young people with HIV and be an advocate for the adolescents. His passion for his work has shown in his work – engaging and conducting sensitization session on HIV/AIDS, drugs, sexual and reproductive health for young population and in the general community.
Applesta Maryann da Costa
Program Officer, Pyschosocial Support
Applesta graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule college of Arts and Science with a dual degree in Sociology and Psychology. Following her graduation, she got a post graduate degree in Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology. During the course of her studies, she has worked with children and adults with various psychiatric disorders. Previously, Applesta has provided her voluntary service with the Departments of Psychiatry and District Early Intervention Centre in Hospicio District Hospital, Margao. Working with children is her passion. Guiding the young minds and nurturing them is something she cherishes. She is straight forward and has an open minded personality. Cheerful in nature, timely humour and kind heartedness makes people around her comfortable to be themselves. At Human Touch Foundation she aims to help children and adolescents living with HIV stay strong in mind and grow both in mind and body.
Sezvin Fernandes
Program Assistant
Academic excellence meets heart, which is what Sezvin Fernandes brings with him. In academic achievements, he holds a bachelor’s degree in arts from St. Philomena College (autonomous)in Mysuru recognized as the ‘college of excellence’ by UGC with dual degree in philosophy, political science and economics. He has also completed philosophycourse from Pushapashrama, Mysuru. His qualities of the heart have unfolded over the years as he has worked with the old and mentally challenged children in the homes run by nuns notably by the Missionaries of Charity in Mysuru. Moreover, his stay in the different places in India has enriched him culturally and spiritually. Now, ready to put his qualities of the heart and mind at the service of the community. He can be connected on and +91 96071 82291
Celina Maria Menezes
Program Coordinator, HIV and Women Initiative
With two decades experience in areas of HIV/AIDS, gender and development issues, Celina Menezes has worked with several Indian and international development NGOs, and PLHA Networks like Positive People Goa, Indian Network for People living with HIV/AIDS, Project Concern International/India, International Community of women living with HIV/AIDS, Health and Development Network, World Care Council and IMAXI Cooperative. She has coordinated community activities around awareness and prevention, home and community based care, research and documentation, fund raising, media training and sensitization, advocacy systems, micro enterprise development, counseling, capacity building strategies, program management and strategic planning. Having been openly positive, her personal experience of stigma and discrimination keeps her motivated to work for the cause.