Social and Legal Protection

Social Protection Services

Social protection is relevant to HIV because it addresses social and economic inequalities, HIV risk behaviour and HIV-related stigma and discrimination, which exacerbate marginalization and vulnerability to HIV infection. HIV-sensitive social protection is the preferred approach, as this avoids stigmatization that exclusively focusing on HIV may bring about. HIV-sensitive social protection means not exclusively targeting people living with or affected by HIV. Through an HIV-sensitive approach, people living with HIV and other key populations are served together so as not to exclude equally underserved groups.


Human Touch Foundation provides social protection services of the government as well as the civil society organizations to those living with HIV including but not limited to opening of bank account, PAN card services, Aadhar Card Services, late birth registration of orphans, status certificates, i.e. SC/ST/OBC, voter ID card, driving license, access to Dayanand Social Security Scheme, Antodaya Anna Yojana, Ladli Laxmi Scheme, Griha Aadhar, Educational Schemes, Travel Concession Scheme, Employment Exchange Card, Passport, etc.


Legal Protection Services

HIV-related legal services are essential to protect and promote the rights of people living with HIV, and are essential to ensure good public health outcomes. HIV-related legal services help build and sustain an environment for effective HIV testing, treatment, and prevention. With legal assistance, people with HIV can secure and protect their legal rights. Legal services can help provide concrete solutions to HIV-related legal and social problems. CHLP is dedicated to strengthening HIV-related legal services.


We also provide legal support through State Legal Service Authority and Lawyers Collective, New Delhi. Various programmes are organized to create sensitization on “The HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control), Act 2017.


More details can be had from Sezwin Fernandes, Program Assistant | Email: | Phone: +91 96071 82291