Prevention and Education

HIV/AIDS Tailor-Made Services (TMS) offers guidance with designing and implementing a comprehensive  programme to suit your needs:

Sessions for Educational Institutions:

Young people remain at the center of the HIV epidemic in terms of rates of infection, vulnerability, impact, and potential for change. They have grown up in a world changed by AIDS but many still lack comprehensive and correct knowledge about how to prevent HIV infection. This situation persists even though the world has agreed that young people have the human right to education, information and services that could protect them from harm.

Human Touch Foundation takes the lead in the provision of information and education, condom programming, prevention for young people and prevention efforts for young key populations and also on substance abuse. Guided by its mandate to protect reproductive health, Human Touch Foundation also plays a lead role in ensuring that young people are dually protected against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and unwanted pregnancies.

Services for Corporates:

Every organisation should either have or work towards a comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace programme. Companies can implement change in the following areas:

  • Developing an HIV/AIDS workplace policy
  • Provide education and awareness in the workplace
  • Implement fair employment practices
  • Provide care and support in the workplace
  • Community involvement

This can be achieved by being able to conduct various awareness and education programmes, encourage voluntary testing, promote condom distribution and use, enforce universal infection control measures, provide access to counselling for HIV positive people, have an HIV policy and HIV committee and assist in adequate referrals.

For organizing a session in your institution/companies, we charge a small fee to cover our staff cost of Rs. 2000/- for educational institution and Rs. 10,000/- for corporates and companies. For help in developing HIV/AIDS workplace policy, please mail us at with your needs and details.