HIV Testing Initiative

Early diagnosis is a key to the effective treatment for AIDS as it helps in identifying patients who are HIV positive at an early stage and helps in slowing down the progression of infection to AIDS and thus minimizing complications and death. A rapid HIV test helps in quickly confirming HIV status of a patient.

Knowing the HIV status of pregnant women is also important to manage HIV infection and prevent it from transmission to the growing babies.

In addition, “test for triage” can be used in community-based settings to further scale up access to HIV testing services. With this approach, a trained lay provider uses a single rapid diagnostic test, then refers and links all people with a reactive test result to HIV prevention, care and treatment services in a timely manner.


HIV testing services include the full range of services that should be provided together with HIV testing. With a partnership with Goa State AIDS Control Society, Human Touch Foundation provides rapid diagnostic test with the following:


  • counselling (pre-test information and post-test counselling);
  • linkage to appropriate HIV prevention, treatment and care services, and other clinical and support services; and
  • coordination with laboratory services to support quality assurance and the delivery of correct results.


All HIV testing services are provided in line with WHO’s essential 5 Cs: Consent, Confidentiality, Counselling, Correct test results, and Connection/linkage to prevention, care and treatment.


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