After Care Program

Aftercare is a measure for rehabilitation and social reintegration of young adolescents who leave institutional childcare systems on attaining a certain age, as specified in law or those who are complete orphans. It is still an evolving area in the domain of child and youth care in India. The After Care Program by Human Touch works with orphan children living with HIV. 

HIV positive children aging out from child care institutions are vulnerable to unemployment, psychological stress, physical and mental illness, homelessness, and dependency, in view of the absence of family or dependable adults who can act as a pillar of support. Unless they are assisted in key matters like finance, employment, accommodation, etc., the process of their transition from protected institutional care to independent adulthood and life thereafter may face derailment.

In light of the above, aftercare is a preparatory stage for young adults during which they are provided with financial support, skill-building, handholding for career development, counseling for managing emotions, and other such measures that contribute to the process of social mainstreaming. It is the final stage in the continuum of care of institutionalized children. They are not left alone after their stay in institutions and are helped for a certain duration in order to integrate them into society.

Human Touch has initiated aftercare since 2016. In that year, Human Touch had provided aftercare services for four orphan boys living with HIV. This year, the service will continue for five boys and one girl.

Support our aftercare program with your contribution. Running of aftercare services cost around Rs.12,000 per month. Contact us at to support this initiative.