Human Touch Foundation advocates to make quality treatment and care available for all those living with HIV and provide a collective voice promoting accountability in the HIV response to the realities, by calling attention to gaps, proposing solutions and working collaboratively on adolescent treatment issues.


In this regard, Human Touch Foundation also established Goa State NGO Forum on HIV/AIDS to pursue advocacy on behalf of all organizations working in the area of HIV and AIDS in Goa. The forum also filed a petition with the Goa State Human Rights Commission on routine access

Stigma is still a factor for many children and adolescents living with HIV in Goa. Hence, interventions that aim to correct misconceptions that HIV can be transmitted via casual contact with children living with HIV are required. There is need to do introspection in relation to self-awareness, attitudes, values and beliefs as these are factors affecting HIV stigma and discrimination, if the state has to achieve zero HIV discrimination by 2030.

to viral load, which was ruled in our favour through a positive judgement.

In this regard, Human Touch Foundation and Just Imagine in collaboration with Department of Education and Goa State AIDS Control Society are conducting series of  half day sensitization workshop on “Let’s End HIV Stigma” for teachers and heads of educational institutions, in an attempt at improving the mindsets and the approach of educational institutions when dealing with children and adolescents living with HIV.

Such programs are required for those in educational institutions to grow with an inclusive mindset, appreciating the needs and challenges of children and adolescents living with HIV and supporting them.

The sessions touch upon issues like stigma, discrimination and confidentiality of children living with HIV and the need to sensitize teachers and non-teaching staff at educational institutes and equip them with adequate knowledge.

Human Touch Foundation will conduct more of such workshops in other talukas to spread awareness about HIV and the stigma attached to it. Watch this space for the next workshop.

Human Touch Foundation also organized one-minute short film on stigma and discrimination to engage young people in addressing stigma and discrimination and also create resource for creating enabling environment.

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More details can be had from Basavaraj Katti, Program Officer Advocacy and Social Mobilization | Email: | Phone: +91 99608 18587